Riley's Vampire Prince - Jess Buffett
3.5 Stars ~ Book Review by Ulysses

The first two books in the “Hunter’s Clan” series, these supernatural romances are set in the author’s native Australia. The modern-day plot is set against the backdrop of an ancient supernatural cult bent on destroying one of the supernatural races, out of fear and prejudice.

I really like this subgenre—the creation of a normal world in which supernatural beings live and work and love (R. Cooper, Some Kind of Magic, A Boy and His Dragon. I also like romances set in Australia, because it’s like a parallel universe, that sounds both British and American at the same time.

Jess Buffett’s books are classic romances in format. They are not about complex, thought-provoking plots or exquisite literary style. They are action-driven and devoted to steamy interactions between their main characters. The Hunter’s Clan series starts with the story of identical twin mages—a kind of supernatural being that seems to run small, pretty and gay, but, like the characters in the television animated series Avatar, attain the powers of different elements when they hit maturity...

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