Love is a Stranger - John  Wiltshire
3.5 Stars ~ Book Review by Lirtle

By the time I arrived at the beginning of chapter 8, I felt like I was having trouble understanding both Ben and Nikolas. We’re told that Ben has been working directly for Nikolas for some time and they’re having sex from basically the beginning. Now, Ben apparently thinks he loves Nik and can help this man rediscover the “man behind the ghost” and feel the same kind of love. This is technically not insta-love but it feels like it. We’re told some things that are supposed to represent a history between these two but the feeling behind the facts didn’t quite translate. Often there is a mismatch between words and actions. Ben sometimes reads as a 20 year old kid and yet sometimes as a hardened veteran at least a decade older, if not more. The story is basically told from his point of view so it’s important that his voice be a clear one and that isn’t always the case here...

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