Anterograde - Kallysten
4.75 Stars ~ Book Review by Teresa

This is a very unique book. Presented in alternating view-points of the main characters in opposite chronological order; Calden’s working from the last day to the first he actually remembers and Eli’s working from the beginning to the last day. You can also choose to read in typical chronological order but I feel you would miss out greatly on the layers of nuance presented in the way the story unfolds in this narration.

Calden is not always a pleasant man to be around, he is arrogant and demanding, but within the pages of the book you discover another side to him, one that Eli could love. Eli is a saint with more patience than anyone I know but I am still amazed at how he handles what life has thrown at him. Together they fit, and finding out how someone with no ability to learn is able to grow is fascinating...

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