Rehabilitating his Dingo - Charlie Richards
2.75 Stars ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

Charlie Richards has 3 separate paranormal series that have some overlapping characters and plot lines. These are Wolves of Stone Ridge (WSR), Kontra’s Menagerie (KM), and A Paranormal’s Love (APL). You do not have to read the previous novellas to understand and enjoy each new tale, but to get the best understanding of these worlds; you should read these in the order listed on Ms. Richards’ web page.

If you have read any of her previous titles in WSR or KM, you know they follow a very prominent pattern (APL is different). They are very formulaic. MC1 meets MC2 and through scent, MC1 realizes he has met his mate. There is an instant all-consuming need to have sex to complete the mating bond and live HEA. This need takes control and sex/mating is the basis for most of the novellas in these series. There is an overall series plot that maintains movement and connection between each of these short and sweet matings...

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