Something Like Autumn - Jay Bell
4.95 Stars ~ Book Review by Teresa

I had Something Like Autumn on my to-be-read pile as it was nominated in the MM Romance group (on GoodReads) for several annual awards. I have not read the first two books in the series, but had heard a lot about them. With that knowledge came spoilers that made me wary of what I would find in the pages of “Autumn”. Themes of infidelity had me not wanting to read the first two books at all and I had put off reading the third until a challenge put it front and center.

I love reading. Books affect me in very different ways, depending on the subject matter, and a well-crafted story hits me hard and engages all my emotions. I tend to stay away from books that I feel will push my buttons too deeply though, as I don’t always want to experience such strong feelings. That being said, I don’t usually sob during books. I feel sad, might get a tear or two, but not sob...

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