Superhero - Eli Easton
4.5 Stars ~ Audiobook Review by Brandilyn


I needed a good comfort read last night. I needed something I knew I would enjoy. I needed something I had read before. I needed an author who has never disappointed me. Eli Easton was the winner of that lottery.

I downloaded the recently released audio version of her YA novella, Superhero. Focusing on two lifelong friends. One is gay. The other is straight. One is out and proud. The other is his constant protector. Each boy on a path that will end with them apart, even if they don’t yet realize it.

Superhero is about the pressures of growing up under intense expectations. It is about doing what is expected without regard to your own thoughts, feelings, and desires. It is a theme that resonates with me, and I am sure many others out there, no matter their age...

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