Dex in Blue - Sean Crisden, Amy Lane
~ Audiobook Review by Leisa


Unquestionably, Amy Lane’s Dex in Blue is one of my favorite M/M romances. I am in love with the Johnnie’s series as a whole, but with his sincere decency and nurturing spirit, wounded Dex is the heart of the series. A young man who lost his first love just as they finally found each other, he silently grieves alone and then leaves his Wyoming roots for California and a new life.

If the world of Johnnies is compared to the solar system, Dex is surely the sun that everyone else revolves around. As the years pass, he basically runs the company, takes care of the models, and while doing so he creates his own family. One of the things that makes Dex so incredibly special is that he genuinely cares for the people he works with – he wants to help make their lives better, both while they are models and afterward...

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