This Is Not a Love Story (Love Story Universe) - Suki Fleet
~ Book Review by Christine

Romeo and Julian are two broken teenagers living on the streets, surviving on the kindness of others and what little cash can be found through sacrifice and sheer will. Their history is slowly revealed through Romeo’s voice, as he tells of their meeting, their close calls, and about his feelings for Julian. As their story progresses, however, their strength and their determination to overcome and remain together are tested at every turn, begging the question of whether love is truly enough for a relationship to endure under such grim circumstances.

Well. Here I sit with the cursor blinking, blinking, blinking while I wonder how to describe the reading experience I had with this book. Despite my notes, I struggle to express my feelings about this powerful, gripping, and heartbreaking tale that I simply could not consume in large chunks. No, I had to partake of it in nibbles, as the anguish that poured from Romeo’s voice as he tells his harrowing story would begin to overwhelm me. At one point, I had to ask myself if this was just too much emotion, too much suffering...

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