Kink Club Blues - Eva LeFoy
2.75 Stars ~ Book Review by Beverley

The tags for this short story were BDSM, Contemporary, Erotica and I supposed it matched its brief. This was not a good short story, the characters were unendearing and unbelievable. The main theme was supposed to be that one wasn’t weak or wimpy because one was a bottom or a sub. However, the characters portraying these ‘positions’, namely ‘Geoffrey’ and ‘Brian’ were both weak and wimpy.

However, my main reason for rating this story so low was that it painted BDSM in a very bad light. This I abhore, as the community is one which prides itself on being ‘sane, safe and consensual’, and campaigns for a better image tirelessly. The character Brian has never experienced BDSM, has never been to such a club, never met a real Dom and has never been penetrated anally, and yet after wanking over some BDSM sub porn he decides he wants it all and needs to be punished...

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