Called to Mate - Lynn Tyler
~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

In Called to Mate, Ms. Tyler portrayed one of the cutest relationships I have read about in quite a while. It started out with an instant attraction but soon became a full-fledged mating. The two men were affectionate with each other and tender together. They each spent their time trying to ensure the other’s happiness and trying build-up each other’s self-esteem. They were so proud of each other and proud to be with each other. I loved it! But all was not perfect. There were issues as both men adjusted to the life of alpha and his mate. Secrets and miscommunications lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. But overall, it was a wonderful relationship and I look forward to seeing more from these two men.

I do have to qualify that I felt that Declan’s initial behavior toward Quinn was rather forward and a bit awkward to read. Sexual acts and nicknames were initiated far too early for my tastes and it made things a little weird for me at first...

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