Kitto - Harper Fox
~ Buddy Book Review by Beverley & Ulysses


Rain hit the glass overhead, a vibrant midsummer drum. Noise pitched and ebbed as crowds of tourists milled around the covered space.

These are the opening lines to Kitto the fourth in the Tyack and Frayne Mysteries and an example of why I love this author’s work so much. There is no word, metaphor or adjective that is extraneous to the final result. Her words not only invoke location but season and the atmosphere that will pervade the story. In this installment life, after the eviction of the malevolent spirit from Lee’s mind, is not idyllic. Gideon is waiting to hear if he can return to active duty in the police force and Lee seems to be going crazy planning their upcoming nuptials to the smallest detail. After a vision puts Lee once again in the role of unwilling hero and fodder for the press, a break to a small remote village with no mobile phone signal would seem to be a good idea.

However, after a very hot and sexy moment al fresco, they meet a beautiful strange young man called Kitto. Is this voyeur a lost boy in need of Gideon’s help or a lost soul in need of Lee’s. The answer becomes a bone of contention between our couple that needs resolution and the mystery unfolds...

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