Bound for Trouble - E.M. Lynley
3.75 Stars ~ Book Review by Caroline

This book has a little bit of everything. Murder, drug dealing, guns, broken men and a lot of steamy kinky sex. Ryan Griffiths was a dancer at a club when a customer gives him the chance of a lifetime. If he gives up the dancing and pulling tricks he will give him a job, somewhere to live and help fund his education. This man sounds too good to be true right? You may have a point!

It’s all going well for Ryan until he gets involved in an FBI investigation and is pulled back into his old life as an informant. The case is being handled by Deke Kane whose last investigation ended badly and still haunts him. The results in this case will either end or restore his career and he is feeling the pressure. He is also feeling strongly attracted to Ryan and the longer they work together the more difficult it becomes...

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