Dare to Love Forever - J.C. Wallace
4.75 Stars ~ Book Review by Beverley

I loved this novel by JC Wallace, it had an intelligence of plot and ideas so often lacking from standard vampire novels, and I’m thrilled this is book 1 because it means I can read book 2 etc.

I must admit my inner academic came out gleefully when I realised that JC Wallace had given his main protagonist the surname ‘Locke’, and called his rare type of vampire ‘Tabula Rosa’. I studied John Locke and his theories regarding Tabula Rasa at University, yes I know…Anyway, this novel combines a Police force for vampires with corruption in high places, and adds abuses of power over those vampires who are born with different, new powers. Most of the vampires are fairly normal without super powers and just have a need to drink blood as well as eat food...

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