Rainbow Blues - K.C. Burn
4.25 Stars ~ Book Review by Leisa

Luke is one those characters who almost immediately grabs your heart. He’s 43 and only recently divorced and came out. He’s a hunky, manly guy who works a blue collar job as a building contractor. He’s a hardworking, decent man, who loves his son, is pleased his nice ex-wife has a happy new marriage, and who is desperately lonely. Fortunately, through a friend he made at gay social club Rainbow Blues, Luke meets Jimmy, a high school teacher who also performs in local theater.

Luke and Jimmy’s visceral chemistry and attraction is instant and almost magical. They are simply drawn to each other, and almost immediately begin a passionate and committed relationship. Their instant attraction is somehow romantic and believable. I just adore Luke – he loves Jimmy so much, and even though he knows how much he will desperately miss him while he’s away in California, Luke is happy for Jimmy when he is given an unexpected opportunity to star in a movie...

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