Flibbertigibbet - Willa Okati
~ Review by Feliz

The title attracted me to this book; for one, I hadn’t heard that word before (hence the Merriam-Webster quote) and secondly, it made me expect a light, funny, easy read, just what I was in the mood for.

And basically, that was what I got.

As the blurb says, Donovan’s house burned down, and he’s taken refuge at his friend Eve’s houseboat, moored at a private marina. The first person Donovan encounters there is Leaf, the marina’s caretaker and handyman. It’s mutual attraction on both sides, but while Donovan remains somewhat reserved about it (since the last thing on his mind is a fling of any sort right now), Leaf seems determined to follow up on the matter. Regardless of Donovan’s initial rejection, Leaf insists on all but courting him. With affectionate persistence, puppy-like clumsiness and startling insight, Leaf cuts through Donovan’s walls right into his heart...

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