My Only Sunshine - Rowan McAllister, Jason Clearfield
3.5 Stars ~ Audiobook Review by Caroline

Story Review

When Tanner Wallis meets Mason Seidel he is lying in a field, next to a dead cow, beaten, in pain and with not much to live for. The last few weeks have seen him assaulted, in hospital and mugged. When the initial confusion about whether or not he killed the cow is cleared up Mason takes Tanner home with him to his ranch to recuperate.

Mason has lived on his own for 10 years but has returned to the family ranch to help after his father is incapacitated after a stroke. The same father that disowned Mason and threw him out of the house for his sexuality and hasn’t spoken to him since. Needless to say there is an awful atmosphere at the Siedel ranch with everyone walking on egg shells and never mentioning the elephant in the room...

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