Chasing the Horizon - Scotty Cade
4.25 Stars ~ Book Review by Leisa

Anyone who reads Sunrise Over Savannah wants sailing psychiatrist, Garner, to find his man and finally get his happy ending. So, I am so excited about Garner’s story, Chasing the Horizon. Still sailing around on his boat AquaTherapy, Garner stops in Key West and soon sees hunky, but physically frightening, Hawk. Garner is a little shaken, but he can’t get the beautiful man with a shaved head, tattoos, and piercings out of his mind. A sexy coupling soon develops between the two.

I’ll be honest … Hawk isn’t exactly who I had in mind for Garner. He has rough edges, enjoys one night stands and quick hook-ups, and his choices about his physical appearance creates an automatic barrier between Hawk and the world. Garner is still “Mr. Clean Cut All American” who I imagine is a walking advertisement for Polo Ralph Lauren. Yet, despite their obvious differences, Garner and Hawk “work.” They complement each other in ways both men don’t even realize they need. Hawk brings out Garner’s raw sexuality, and eases Garner’s crushing loneliness. Garner reaches beyond Hawk’s physical façade to find the man who at times needs calming and sincere love instead of a quick emotionless physical release...

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