Ravenscar - Chloe Stowe
4.25 Stars ~ Book Review by Leisa

The story of Ethan and Ayers’ love is not a conventional one. They meet when Ayers saves Ethan’s life when Ethan is serving the U.S. Army in Afghanistan. The spark of a connection forms between the men, but it’s years before they find each other again. Then they begin years of hopping continents and brief liaisons that evolves into love.

Ethan is interesting and likable as the bored physician who decides to reach out and grab some excitement in life. Ayers is perfect as the mysterious and loyal British agent. Together they forge an unusual relationship that seems to fulfill both their need for human contact, and ultimately love. It’s impossible to not be brokenhearted along with Ethan when he is notified of Ayers death. It’s also gripping when he cannot refuse helping give Ayers a final farewell with Ayers’ father...

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