Release: Davlova: Book One (Volume 1) - A.M. Sexton
4.75 Stars ~ Review by Teresa

I don’t usually ask for much from my mm fiction. I want entertainment, I want resolution and satisfaction, I want sexy times. I usually read happier HEA stories and I don’t expect deep meaningful metaphors or commentary on society and the nature of love. However, every once and a while I like delving into something darker, and when I find that commentary, and it can make me think and question without taking me out of the story, I call that a win.

That being said, Release is not for the faint of heart. The characters are flawed and living in a harsh world. I found Misha to be someone you could empathize with but his choices are hard and he is hurt repeatedly. Donato is an evil, sadistic bastard who is easy to hate and yet you want to love Miguel; Ayo just breaks your heart. It was hard to read about the abuse against Misha but almost harder to see, were the times he was loved...

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