Best Friends Perfect: Book One - Liam Livings
4.5 Stars ~ Book Review by Beverley

This is a wonderful character driven novel, which I know is going to be published in three parts. This first part introduces us to the main characters. The structure is a little different in that we always return to the present, but certain chapters show the past and how Kieran met and became friends with each of the main protagonists. This is a story about coming to terms with yourself and other people’s reactions to you. It is also a story about friends and how each friend serves a certain purpose in your life and you in theirs. I love the idea that when talking about coming out to his parents, Kev advises Kieran,

You just have to be it, you don’t need to announce it.

As it must be for any child faced with telling its parents something as personal and intimate as, being gay, Kieran spends a lot of his time hiding the fact...

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