Outshine the Stars - Nash Summers
4.5 Stars ~ Review by Christine

Justin is a self-centered but lovable 17 year old who wants only one thing – to meet and spend the rest of his life with Andrew, the new kid in school. With the aid of another new student, Connor, Justin is on his way to getting his dream fulfilled. However, things take an interesting turn, and Justin must look beyond his own needs in order see where love truly lies.

Although not my first, I quite enjoyed this little foray into the male/male YA genre. Outshine the Stars is a sweet, quick read with characters that have just enough snark to make them interesting, yet not so much that their irreverence is off-putting. I enjoyed the humorous introduction to Justin, in particular, and the description of his instant friendship with his BFF Gwen is entertaining and refreshing. Enter Connor, the adorable newcomer with a mysterious connection to Justin’s crush Andrew, and the interactions are delightful and heartwarming...

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