Kiss of the Dark Prince - Jade Astor
3.75 Stars ~ Review by PizzyGirl

I had very mixed feelings about this book as it progressed. For the first 25%, I was convinced this was just like a cheesy horror flick with a main character so stupid, he had no concern for his own personal safety. I was convinced he was going to be captured and sold into the white slavery ring or kidnapped and used for food for the evil vampires. I kept yelling at the book “Run you stupid man, run the other way!” and “OMG, can you not see how easy it would be to make you disappear without a trace?” But I was wrong, this never happened.

For the next 25% of the book, I was utterly confused, and not in a good way. I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on and how it related to the overall plot. Yes, there was mystery, but it felt pointless and stagnant. The characters were so mysterious that it wasn’t entertaining, it was just hard to follow...

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