Dark Horse - Kate Sherwood
~ Book Review by Leisa

Dark Horse is possibly the saddest romantic story I have ever experienced. Dan, the main character, is brokenhearted over his best friend since boyhood and true love Justin’s fatal brain injury following a horse riding accident. A scene where a devastated Dan rushes to a brain dead Justin’s nursing home bedside after hearing from Justin’s parents that they have signed a Do Not Resuscitate Order brings tears to my eyes. I honestly could feel my chest tighten as I listened to him quietly beg Justin to wake up, although he already knows his efforts are futile. The entire story line surrounding Dan’s profound sense of loss and grief is simply superior.

The relationship between Dan, Evan and Jeff leave me less enthused. I understand that Dark Horse is a M/M/M romance – and it is, to some degree – but I find it less a true romance than a story about Dan’s loss and his attempt to find his way in a world that suddenly doesn’t contain Justin. The characters are all quite different men – Dan is hardworking and quietly tortured by grief, Evan is affable and energetic, and Jeff is older and wise. While the three men do largely complement each other’s personalities, I am not terribly excited with their chemistry as a romantic trio...

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