The Dirty Martini: Chris and Marty (CockTails Book 4) - Renee George
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

First of all, don’t be scared off if you haven’t read the first 3 books in the Cock & Tails world. You can still read and fully enjoy The Dirty Martini. That being said, they are quick reads, so no excuses… go get the first 3 books. Go on; I will wait. Okay we up to speed on the men of The Other Team Sports Bar & Grill? Okay so let’s talk about the latest additions to the team. Marty and Chris. Chris is the often-mentioned, player bartender for The Other Team. Marty is the owner’s Army Ranger little brother. Oh and did we mention his STRAIGHT little brother?

Well this is a Gay Romance, so maybe Marty isn’t quite as straight as we first thought...

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