Let it Ride - L.C. Chase
~ Review by PizzyGirl

What an emotional ride! From the very opening sentence, LC Chase pulled me into Bridge and Eric’s story. Let it Ride focused on two men from very different life situations. One man has identified as straight for most of his life, while the other is openly gay. I went into this thinking this would be your typical gay for you or late in life awakening tale, but it was so much more. The focus of this book was not the straight man coming to terms with his new found interest in men, or even with introducing said straight man to gay sex. The focus of this book was finding the person who is destined to be Bridge’s perfect partner. LC Chase focused on the connection between the men as the reason for the intense love and the HOT sex. Too often, sex is the metaphor for love, but in this case, love is what drove the sex to be what it was...

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