Think Of England - K.J. Charles
~ Review by Feliz

This novel is set in the so-called Golden Era, in early 20th century England where being considered a civilized human being demanded being white, male, straight, Christian, and upper-class British—in short, a Gentleman. In those prejudice-riddled times, anti-Semitism was as commonplace as contempt for queer people and distrust against anyone non-white and/or non-British. Literary works of the time often recruit their villains out of these groups.
In “Think Of England”, one of the main characters is the very picture of a Gentleman—well-born former Army Captain Archibald Curtis, straightforward and valiant, if a bit plain. The other, though, appears to be Curtis’s very antithesis: poet Daniel Da Silva, of Portuguese descent, limp-wristed, flamboyantly-dressing, Jewish, and obviously not straight. When extraordinary circumstances force the unlikely allies together, things start to happen very fast—around them and between them.

Same as with this author’s Magpie Lord series, “Think of England” is written in a slightly ironic tone that keeps the story from turning too dark despite bloodshed and violence. The narrative voice manages to lend the story depth and quality without taking itself too seriously, which, in my opinion, is a rare gift...

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