Heaven Can't Wait - Eli Easton
~ Book Review by Leisa

There’s a reason I recently chose Eli Easton as one of my “authors to watch” – because she is nothing short of fantastic! She proves this yet again with her story Heaven Can’t Wait. This touching and lovely tale does have a sweet love story, but at its heart Heaven Can’t Wait is a story of redemption. After dying in a car accident, Brian is given one chance to make amends for his past bad actions by intervening and saving Kevin, the small gay roommate of Brian’s jock friend Chuck. Brian sees that he initiated all of Chuck’s friends bullying Kevin, and now Kevin is terribly alone and bereft.

This story line is delicious, and the cast of characters are vivid and multi-faceted. Brian’s realization that he was a jerk to Kevin, as well as that he wasn’t the type of friend to Chuck that he should have been, is sobering...

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