My Brother's Lover - Lynn Kelling
~ Review by Caroline

Lynn Kelling has totally done it again! This book is exactly what the title says but so much more. Imagine getting to be 18 and discovering you had an identical twin. Imagine getting to 18 and discovering your mother, who you knew nothing about, had just died and your identical twin was about to come crashing into your life and move into your home. Imagine getting to 18 when you first meet your identical twin and you think he is hot!

Evan is a character that you cannot fail to fall in love with right from the start. No mother and a father that spends most of his time away from home with work. Bullied at school, lacking in friends, knowing he is gay but never being brave enough to admit it because then everything the bullies have said would be true. His one saving grace is his family friend Jimmy, who he feels he owes his life to...

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