The Defeat of Lawson - Stephani Hecht
~ Review by Leisa

Hawk Lawson happens upon Marty, a Cougar who recently discovered he’s a shifter instead of human when he experienced his first shift, as he’s being attacked by a group of Ravens. Marty has been trying to hide his new shifter status, and doesn’t realize that a lone feline shifter is particularly vulnerable to the Ravens who are engaged in a war with the new coalition between the bird and feline shifters. Hawk saves the seriously injured Marty, who is one of the lost shifters who were taken from their families as babies, and takes him back to the coalition to recuperate.

I’ve not read all of the Lost Shifter series, but I have read several of them (enough to know most of the back story). Marty is a sweet, fairly uncomplicated and likable character, but Hawk is one of my favorite characters from earlier books – he’s aggressive and tough, a resentful jerk with the felines, and pretty much friendless by choice. His confusion about his own attraction to the young injured feline shifter Marty is a delightful turn of fate!...

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