Closer Than Brothers - D.C.  Williams
~ Review by Leisa

Drew and Jeff are both good looking young men who have been “brothers” since they were young boys. Drew works for his uncle’s company and Jeff joins him on an out of town work conference where they have a single room together. Jeff uses the opportunity to pursue his “more than brothers” interest in Drew.

I like the friends to lovers trope a lot, so I had high hopes for this story. Jeff is a sympathetic and likable character – his mother dies when he is a little boy and, although his aunt is very kind and supportive, he forever misses the presence of his mother. He’s also sincere and honest about his feelings for Drew. However, I didn’t bond with very well with Drew. He loves Jeff, and he’s attracted to him, but he’s almost unenthusiastic when he agrees to try having a sexual (and maybe more) relationship with Drew, reminds Jeff that he’s also attracted to girls, and tells him that Drew may feel the need to be with girls from time to time while he’s with Jeff. It’s more like, “Sure … I’ll give it a try, but no promises Dude …” (This is my below average paraphrase … the author writes much better!)...

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