The Way Things Turn Out - MA Ford
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Brandilyn

The Way Things Turn Out is the 10th or 11th story I have read from the Mended Daily Dose collection. It is another Hurt/Comfort, and as such, focuses on two men who have to get through the pain and recovery an injury will bring. In this case it has the added twist of a little enemy-to-lovers action.

Nathan and Alan have had an interesting relationship up until this point, but as a near death experience of does, Nathan’s accident brings to the forefront the feelings they have both been fighting. We spend the first half of the story getting to know both men through Alan’s memories of their times together, good and bad. We spend the second half of the story watching as they navigate the rocky road of their feelings for one another. I liked both halves. It made for a very interesting way to look at the beginnings of a relationship. In then end, I wanted them to last.

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