Orion's New Leash on Life - C. Callenreese
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

From the moment we meet Orion Hathaway we realise what a dark and desperate place his life has become. He is barely functioning on any level. His day consists of sleeping, applying for jobs, eating poorly and only when he remembers and hopefully taking his anti-depressants. Losing his job was the card that tipped the deck, unable to afford his mortgage his savings have gone along with all his hope. He can no longer afford his membership to the BDSM club that meant so much to him, his life to all intents and purpose seems to be no longer worth any effort.

When his friends take it upon themselves to interfere and try to rouse him out of his self imposed prison they come up with an unusual method. They deliver him a boy for the weekend who enjoys nothing more than being a puppy and is looking for a master to care for him.

Initially overwhelmed, a bit of responsibility might just be what Orion needs. Roan, or Pepper the puppy, leads a stressful life working in a hospital, and his down time is spent in puppy form without having to worry about anything other than playing, eating and cuddling. Roan takes to Orion at their first meeting and agrees to spend the weekend with him...

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