Being Sawyer Knight - Nicola Haken
~ Review by Leisa

When they are teenagers, Jake says goodbye to Sawyer, who is moving far away, with a passionate kiss. Sawyer initially responds and loves Jake’s mouth on his, but soon pushes him away and angrily proclaims that he is straight. Jake never forgets Sawyer, and as an adult man, he’s ready to claim Sawyer as his own, and Jake shows up as rock star Sawyer’s new security.

Being Sawyer Knight is a romantic and sweet story about about the reunion of Jake and Sawyer years after their only kiss. The story is maybe a tad predictable, but is also a lovely, easy read that is perfect for an afternoon lounging at the beach. Jake is clearly my favorite character – he’s sexy, confident, and determined to get his man. He makes no secret of his desire for Sawyer, and his charming pursuit of Sawyer is more than Sawyer can long resist (And as hot and sweet as Luke is, who can blame him?!). The chemistry between Jake and Sawyer is flirty in a “will they or won’t they” kind of way, and both passionate and familiar when Sawyer finally lets down his guard...

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