Spirit - John Inman
~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

Spirit is my first encounter with this author and absolutely will not be the last. This book is funny, witty, charming as all get out, smart, sometimes sexy, definitely pulls on the heart strings, and contains substantial supernatural creepiness. I’m easily spooked and even I enjoyed this to the fullest. However, had I actually been in that house… unh uh, I would’ve been at the nearest Marriot with a quickness and pleading with a medium to do something. ANYTHING!

Strange things happen when Timmy arrives to stay with Uncle Jason. Timmy, the 4 yr old hurricane as I’ve affectionately dubbed him, is the star of this dope show. Timmy outwits his uncle, Jason, on more than one occasion and unabashedly hoodwinks his geriatric dog, Thumper. Timmy and Thumper are adorbs. Thumper steadfastly guards her new charge with everything she’s got left in her arthritic little body. At one point, she’s even sleeping on the table. What a centerpiece! I’m getting off track here. Apologies. So, Timmy comes to spend time with Uncle Jason while his mother and her douchebag boyfriend go on vacation. Jason lives in his sister’s former abode and upon Timmy’s arrival a spirit makes itself known in some bizarre ways. Timmy’s estranged Uncle Sam snort happens to arrive around the same time and may have an ulterior motive. But the important topic on deck is who is this spirit and why is he/she/it making itself known now? That is the question...

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