Waiting For You - K.C. Wells
~ Review by Caroline

This little book of 48 pages packs a huge punch. It is the story of 2 friends and a misunderstanding that changed their lives. A misunderstanding that takes years to clear up, will take even more time to get over and affected a family, leaving them heartbroken and without answers.

Best friends Mike and Simon tell each other everything. When Mike confides in Simon that he is gay it doesn’t go down quite the way he imagined and he is left reeling. If one person he loves reacts like that then why not everyone else? Mike keeps his sexuality away from his family through fear of their reaction. With a fake ID and his friend alcohol for confidence he decides to explore being a gay man first hand by hitting a gay bar and finding a man. This ends badly. With fear and guilt consuming him he runs away. He is a child, living out on the streets, with no protection and no love….heartbreaking but for so many a reality...

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