Born This Way - Francis Gideon
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

This is my first transgender M/M romance – and I really, really like it! This is Jacob’s story, a transgender gay man who is still hasn’t found a real relationship, nor found where he feels like he belongs. He seems to just be living from refill to refill of his T (testosterone). Jacob is such an honest and sincere character – the mom in me wants to just grab him and hug him at times when he feels so alone without the support and love of his family or even close friends. It breaks my heart when he seems to be standing at the sidelines watching others live the fun, young gay lifestyle that he so desires to be a part of.

Jacob finds what he’s been looking for in Benjamin. I just adore Benjamin – he is a wonderful character who easily accepts that Jacob is a man without question, and he is so sweet and sensual with Jacob. Their sexual encounters are very sexy (which I honestly didn’t expect!)...

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