Cleary Palit - Zahra Owens
~ Review by Brandilyn

Another soft spot was hit with this story. As an amateur photographer, I love stories about photographers. This story hit my friends-to-lovers buttons, as well. I adored poor Ted. Caz, on the other hand was a blind playboy not worthy of dear sweet Ted. Alas, Caz is the one, only one, that Ted wants so I want that for sweet Ted as well.

His family has forsaken him. All he has is his friendship and business with Caz. Caz sleeps with anything that moves, except Ted. One day, however, that starts to change when Ted has to confront his past and he needs Caz there as support. Well he doesn’t NEED Caz, as Ted is pretty tough on his own, but Caz finally steps up to be the man Ted knows he can be. Caz finally shows me he is worthy of the adoration Ted has for him...

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