Verified Kill (Assassins #1) - Patricia Logan
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Caroline

Just when you think you have an author sussed out and are pretty sure of what you are going to get they shake things up and throw something completely different into the mix. I have long been a fan of Patricia Logans boys, clubs and proclivities, this book gives you that but so much more.

Damn if this woman didn’t have me tearful within the first few pages. Emilio, sweet sweet Emilo so viciously killed in the street in front of his lover and total badass Walker. Walker Easton, hard man and assassin has just realised he is in love for the first time in his life only to have it snatched away from him.

With the back story we meet a few of the players. The future and Walkers determination for revenge bring us characters from stories past. They way they merge is perfect and there is still an element of sheer naughtiness to the story. I hadn’t expected this and it works perfectly...

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