Kian's Hunter - R.J. Scott
~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

The premise of parallel worlds/universes has always intrigued me-gates and significant dates i.e. Halloween. Kian’s Hunter takes place on Earth while the other plane is left rather enigmatic. Even what Kian actually is never clarified. They talk about the Danio (demon) that has brought Kian to this side. They talk about the different kinds of Fire which are explained only in the most cursory manner. At one point, Regan, in the midst of a tiff with Kian, calls him a “wizard ass”, up until then I was thinking he was an elf. Frankly, I’m still lost as to what he is or what his dimension is like and the reasons why he can’t go back seem contrived. It read like ‘because reasons’.

Kian comes across as naive and a bit awkward-blurting out that Regan and he are destined to be bonded upon first meeting him, which went over like a lead balloon. He fumbles through a lot of their relationship development while taciturn Regan cloaks himself in the tough guy/lone wolf persona. Kian withholds information for the safety and well-being of Regan...

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