The Byte of Betrayal - Ashavan Doyon
~ Review by Brandilyn

So I am not entirely sure what I want to say about this little novella. I really liked Caleb. He obviously had issues in his past that damaged his ability to trust. These past events are only alluded to throughout the story, but you get enough of an idea to appreciate Caleb’s motivations. When he finds out his friend is a fake, your heart breaks for him. As he struggles with his feelings for Nic, you long for him to trust.

Let’s talk about Nic for a moment. We really don’t know much about his past; we know about his best friend’s past more than his. I don’t completely understand his love for Caleb, to be honest, but I am not sure I NEED to understand it to know that it is there. He obviously cares deeply for Caleb; he just needs to convince Caleb of that little fact...

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