Stormin' Norman - Sue  Brown
4.5 Stars ~ JosieGoodreads

Stormin Norman by Sue Brown is the fourth and last book in her charming and delightful Lyon Road Vets series.

What makes the Lyons Road Vets stories special is that in all the books the stars are the dogs, not the couples we meet. There was old and dignified Harry the Irish wolfhound in Hairy Harry’s Car Seat, whose final act brought Evan to Peter. Loveable Bob the beagle, in Bob The Destroyer of Leads, whose inability to obey Will lead him straight into the path of Laurence, then adorable Hazel, the chocolate Labrador puppy who melted everybody’s heart, in Hazel Takes Over. Now it’s time to meet Norman. Norman is the collie springer cross puppy who comes into Jesse’s life.

We first met Jesse and his long-time partner Dan in book three, Hazel Takes Over; they were neighbours and friends of Peter and Evan. The two men had been together for seven years but Jesse had a job that took him away for months at a time, leaving Dan alone, with no contact and no idea how long Jesse he would be away for. Jesse kept promising each job would be his last, and Dan kept hanging on waiting for Jessie to resign but Jessie never did. He kept promising not to take another job, then breaking that promise, and each time he went away he packed up as if they were parting ways. Jesse never appreciated how that affected Dan...

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