Once A Cowboy - Toni Griffin
~ Review by Adriana

This is the story of Logan and Jesse, two boys who are very much in love and enjoying their closeted life together. That is until Jesses’ homophobic father finds out about their relationship and all hell breaks loose. The lengths Jesses’ father goes through to eliminate Jesse from his and Logans life are horrific and made me cringe every time the father’s name was mentioned. After six years Jesse returns home to fight his way back to Logan; (with a surprise in tow) will they be able to once again find the love they once shared. Will Jesses’ father continue to interfere and if so how far will he go this time? It is impossible to know if Logan will be able to leave the past behind and trust Jesse. Will Jesse be able to forget the past and move forward? Most importantly will Logan and Jesse be able to finally get there happily ever after, or are they doomed to live their lives apart? I loved this book it was so sweet and even though it was short Ms. Griffin drew me in and I fell in love right along Logan and Jesse.

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