King of Thieves - Jane Kindred
~ Review by Optimist ♰King’s Wench♰

What I like best about Ms. Kindred’s writing style is it’s smart. She expresses her ideas clearly and injects some cheeky humor into tense, and in this case, depressing situations. King of Thieves centers on a very difficult topic-child slavery. The child slavery ring and the trials and tribulations of Vasya and Beli storylines are interwoven terrifically. Beli and Vasya both have troubled pasts which are accepted truths and not really explored or delved into; however, their involvement with this operation dredges up some painful memories for both.

Theif relationship is tested, trusts are broken, tears are shed, some asshattery occurs and there’s even a dual at dawn! Not between Beli and Vasya. They’re not that cray cray. They’re definitely on the scale (I’d put them at Level 1-they argue but they are passionate. They also make up just as passionately. Loud and lusty. ™SRAL), but that’s what I like about them. They both make mistakes, form inaccurate assumptions, act irrationally, are hot-heads at times and have piss poor communication skills. How much they love each other and how miserable they are apart oozes off the page. As a matter of fact, I was *this close* to locking them in room with boxing gloves if they didn’t get it together. And, yes, there was angry sex. Yummers!...

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