The Healing Power of Eggnog - Jamie Fessenden
~ Review by Brandilyn

I am a sucker for a good Christmas story, even in April. It is a season where anything is possible, and everyone is just a little nicer to those around them. (Clearly, I do all my holiday shopping online, so shush). It is also a season to take a look at what is good in your life as well as what is no longer working for you. The Healing Power of Eggnog by Jamie Fessenden does just this. He takes on the spirit of the holiday, forgiveness, and reserving judgement, all in about 80 pages.

Will has not been home in four years. In that time, Ryan has seemingly moved in and taken his place. Neither truly knows from where the other is coming, but they both know there must be something behind their current situation. Over the week of Christmas, they find that middle ground and each other.

***spoilerish stuff in the next paragraph***


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