Poster Boy - Anne Tenino
4.25 Stars ~ Review by Paisley

Having been a sorority girl I know a bit about Greek life. In college I spent a lot of time with fraternity boys. At my school they never wanted to be call frat boys – they hated the word frat. The first time I said “frat” to a guy he said to me, “It’s fraternity! Would you call your country a cunt?” Seriously, that was my second day of college. A year later I met my husband at a fraternity party, and I spent the next three years surrounded by some serious asshatery. Maybe you could say I have a soft spot for all those Theta Alpha Gamma boys because I do.

I think that readers need to have read some of the other books in this series to fully appreciate all of the characters and their hijinks. There are some established couples as well as some crazy story-lines that really need explaining in order to get them. Otherwise, I think the circumstances behind our heroes meeting and their coming together would feel a bit forced...

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