Nowhere Diner: Finding Love - T.A. Chase
3.5 Stars ~ Review by Shelby

Timothy Gapin knows he has to leave Minnesota. He was ok with being a secret, but the guy on the side now that the love of his life is married…no, not going to happen. Tim knows the only way he’ll ever free himself from Aaron is to leave. With no set destination in mind Tim finds himself just outside of Austin, Texas after one long bus ride. Sitting in a diner in the middle of nowhere doesn’t seem to be the spot to start a new life, but when Tim offers to help after a server quits on the spot that might just be what he’s found.

Bernie Capley is a long-haul trucker…some of the time. He’s always made the diner a stop on his route and enjoys chatting with Cookie whenever he comes in. But one look at the cute buns on the new server and there’s something else drawing Bernie into the diner besides the food. Still he’s not the type to dive into a random hookup. Bernie’s looking for a little more in life. He’s willing to make the time to see the boy if Tim’s interest is there as well...

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