Off Stage: In The Wings - Jaime Samms
~ Review by Caroline

I have been giving less and less 5 Star ratings for books for recently. I read and review so many books at the moment that it has to be something pretty special to get the top rating. I read some great books every week for Prism and I am always looking for the one that has something a bit different or a bit special, a book that touches me and leaves me wanting more immediately.

This was one of those books. Not because it was about hot, raunchy rock stars. Not because it contains BDSM. Not because it was a sequel to a book I had previously loved. Not because, as usual, Jaime Samms writing was fantastic. All of these things helped to make the story what it was and they are also elements that I really enjoy in a story…..who doesn’t like Rockers and BDSM? No, the thing that sold this story to me was simple. It was the Relationship Dynamic. Nothing more and nothing less.

Let me explain...

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