The Next - Rafe Haze
~ Review by Beverley

The first few chapters of this novel are scene setting, and in particular showing us why this otherwise healthy but down on his luck songwriter, is confined to his apartment. In the film the MC is confined to a wheelchair with a broken leg, but this disability would not have worked in this novel, or in these modern times. The author’s description of a descent into agoraphobia and depression is creative and expresses the emotions beautifully,

Sergeant Flunky tried calling back and received my voicemail, which was the equivalent of tossing message in a bottle down a dry well.

This novel is written in the first person, which it would have to be as the Main Character is alone so much, and it lets us look into his thought processes. In chapter three, one reason for the title ‘The Next’ is explained and as the blurb mentions being the next victim of a murderer is another. However, he is steadily becoming ‘the Next’ lost soul in New York, possibly ‘the Next’ lonely eccentric, ‘the Next’ homeless person or suicide victim. Chapter Three is where things begin to change as he reaches rock bottom...

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