Play Me, I'm Yours - Madison  Parker
~ LAMBDA Review by Brandilyn

I am about to use a phrase I despise, but it is the one that comes to mind with this book. Play Me, I’m Yours by Madison Parker hits you directly in the feels. She had tears prickling my eyes in the second chapter and then didn’t let up. I just wanted to gather Lucas in my arms and tell him everything would be okay. I also wanted to smack his mother upside her clueless head and his brother in his caustic little mouth. Don’t even get me started on Donovan and most everyone else at Lucas’ school.

This book is not a sweet an innocent romance. It is a tough look at the effects bullying can have on a teenager’s psyche. That bullying is not always from outside the home. Luckily for Lucas, his family was mostly supportive, just clueless. He gained some good friends that helped him see his worth along the way, but I know he is not done with his struggles. Zach was almost too good to be true, and I think Lucas shares that sentiment through most of the story. I would love to see what happens in a year or two with this pair...

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