Glen & Tyler's Honeymoon Adventure - J.B. Sanders
3.75 Stars ~ Review by Leisa

Glen and Tyler’s Honeymoon Adventure is a sweet, light hearted story about best friends Glen and Tyler who fall in love. Tyler is about to lose his trust fund because his grandfather stipulated he must marry before his upcoming birthday. After exhausting all the available women who might agree to marry him (and stay married for five years), Glen proposes to Tyler. Although neither man has been previously attracted to men, Glen has fallen in love with Tyler, but Tyler thinks it’s all simply a ruse to help him keep his money. Immediately after their ceremony, and a hot kiss by the grooms, Tyler breaks down and confesses his own love for Glen. Their match made in love is the start of a life together filled with action and adventure.

Turns out Tyler is one of the richest men in the world and a billionaire (with a “b”). Nice surprise, huh? They get into all types of adventures, including kidnapping and murder attempts, an evil step mother and greedy father, and throughout it all they live in a huge New York apartment, travel in style, defeat the bad guys, and promote equality for gays...

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